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SELF-GUIDED Tour - 'swanson's road'

Start time: Flexible

Duration: 2+ hour

Location: "Headless Crow Crescent"

Highlights: Local history, geology, archeology, commanding views, pre-colonial history

Cost: Included with bunkhouse or granary rental

Self Guided Swanson‘s Road Tour - 4.jpeg
Self Guided Swanson‘s Road Tour (included with bunkhouse rental).jpeg
Self Guided Swanson‘s Road Tour - 3.jpeg
Self Guided Swanson‘s Road Tour - 5.jpeg
Self Guided Swanson‘s Road Tour - 2.jpeg

The Bunkhouse and Granary campsites are marked by the “headless crow crescent” sign on Township Road 434 and is strategically located adjacent to Swanson‘s road - the only documented name for this ancient trail which leads to the Battle River valley. Speculation is the trail was used for eons by both man and beast as a direct and relatively easy conduit to the valley floor and more importantly to a shallow, solid river crossing. A plateau at the base of the trail affords a breathtaking view of the “Ferry Point Bluffs”.

This spectacular 74 acre property is one of only a handful of properties on the Battle where the riparian zone is fenced on both sides providing exceptional opportunities for wildlife viewing.
As you explore this property you will find a stile which allows access to the riparian area and the contemplation bench overlooking the river, while avoiding the inconvenience (and pain) of barbed wire.


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