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FEATURED ON SPIRIT OF THE CANADIAN BADLANDS: "Planes, Trains and Airstreams on the Prairie"


"Put this on your bucket list. Our time in this outstanding landscape was brief, but we'll never forget it. Forrest's humour and knowledge magnified everything"

​Don Goalder

Smithers, BC    July 2017

"Great natural habitat and land to hike and/or sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. And very educational about those prehistoric animals that roamed these hills millions of years ago."

​L. Johnson

Edmonton , AB.   August 2018

​La Prairieaire – Eco-Tourism *** Guided Tours

History & Hospitality

We were spellbound. I had never seen the prairies this way. 

Imagine verdant, rolling hills dappled with groves of birch and willow. Small streams bubbling from ancient springs and sneaking through the trees. Bush tits and bluebirds chirping and whistling in the cool spring air. There we were in the morning standing outside our door at La Prairieaire.

Forrest Hagen, our host and sixth generation caretaker of this massive tract of prairie cradling the Battle River, mesmerizes with tales of the first peoples, shows dinosaur fossils and recites the history of the early settlers on this land. His enthusiasm is infectious, his knowledge encyclopedic. 

I encourage you to take a few days or a week and explore the prairies in this unique, at times intimate, and often sweeping way.  

Trevor Oram

Victoria, BC      June 2019

"One more day trip out to the badlands near Donalda with host Forrest Hagen from LP Eco Tours. Another fabulous day where I got to show off one of my favorite places to a friend and her friend from Australia. We saw dinosaur bones eroding out of the hills and learned about the native history and geological history of the area. The badlands here may not be as big as those in Drumheller and Dinosaur Provincial park but they are spectacular. An added bonus is that you get a personal tour without the crowds at the more southerly badlands"

"I had a wonderful day. Forrest is very knowledgeable about the area. He has many stories to tell about dinosaurs, the Native American people that lived in and traveled through this land and early settlers."

H. Thompson

August 2019

"La Prairieaire offers an amazing opportunity to experience the Canadian Badlands. Travel to where the prairie fields fall away into the spectacular Battle River valley; and take a walk through time. Owner and host, Forrest Hagen, is a long time resident of the area with tremendous local knowledge. He brings history alive from the dinosaurs of the cretaceous to First Nations inhabitants and modern settlement.  Whether you like scenery, geography or history, there is something for everyone."


August 2019

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