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History & Hospitality

​​LaPrairieaire EcoTours invites you to step into a world where history, nature, and adventure converge on the sprawling landscapes of Central Alberta. As a six-generation family farm nestled in the southeastern corner of Camrose County, LaPrairieaire boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1911 when Ted and Carolina, along with their three children, journeyed from the United States to call this land home.


This land, etched with deep valleys amidst the vast prairie expanse, holds secrets of the past within its folds. Dinosaur fossils and archaeological treasures await discovery in three distinct locations, while the surrounding habitat teems with abundant wildlife, offering glimpses into the natural wonders of the region.


Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of the Battle River badlands, our Swanson’s Road property serves as the gateway to unforgettable experiences. Here, guests can retreat to the comfort of our converted granary cabin or renovated threshing crew bunkhouse, equipped with modern amenities such as LED lighting, a 12-volt cooler, and a solar-heated shower. Enjoy the simple pleasures of outdoor living, whether cooking over a crackling campfire or on a propane stove on the deck.


Embark on guided tours of our Ferry Point and Red Willow Creek properties, where the journey begins at our trailhead picnic sites. These sites feature fully equipped outdoor kitchens, fire pits, picnic tables, and portable toilets, ensuring your comfort as you immerse yourself in the natural splendor of LaPrairieaire. As we venture into 2024, LaPrairieaire EcoTours eagerly anticipates sharing exciting new discoveries from our ongoing exploration of history and nature. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Alberta's past and present, where every step reveals a story waiting to be told.

LaPrairieaire Welcome

Host, Forrest Hagen, welcomes you and talks about the past, present and future of La Prairieaire.


Horseback camps, hiking and golf are just a few of the relaxing activities to be had while visiting La Prairieaire.

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