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Gravel Biking - Two Counties and Two Area Codes

Once described to me as “Drumheller with Trees”, the Battle River and Meeting Creek badlands on the border of Stettler and Camrose Counties are the perfect backdrop for Gravel Biking.

When glacial Lake Edmonton drained in a matter of weeks 11000 years ago it left in its wake a myriad of valleys and coulees deeply eroded into the sandstone bedrock leaving today’s rural gravel roads to follow both natural terrain, range and township roads and 15 km of abandoned Canadian Northern rail-bed that overlooks the Meeting Creek valley. By good fortune, the lands South and West of the Meeting Creek valley weren’t impacted by the drainage of the lake leaving the Buffalo Lake moraine with its knob and kettle terrain in tact. Again, many township and range roads follow natural terrain as they meander around ponds that support thriving waterfowl populations.

Fit those not in a rush (or a race), take time for some quiet birdwatching.

Stay tuned for route maps offering varying scenery, terrain and distance.

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